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Collecting Old Bills
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Does any business owe you money that you are having a hard time collecting?

Most business owners are challenged with buyers that are seemingly good payers but now and then get behind in paying your invoices. More seriously they can go out of business or just walk away from paying you.

After all your collection calls and letters (and we may have attorneys that can help you with your collection efforts) don’t just walk away or take the time to go to small claims court only to get a judgment and still not collect. Instead suggest to the debtor that you could accept a different method of payment. Tell the past due business that they can settle the debt they owe in their own goods/services. Getting something is the goal. The debtor may have goods or services they can offer when they don’t have cash.

Whatever the debtor has, you can then sell it through the ITEX Marketplace and be paid in ITEX dollars.

That is critical to the idea! You don’t have to need what they have to offer. You can sell it through ITEX and convert a possible uncollectible into spending power in your pocket!

NOTE: The debtor does not have to be part of our network. Just willing to give you product or perform services on your behalf to settle their debt.

The end result: You collect however much they owe you by earning new ITEX dollars. ITEX dollars that you can spend on whatever you want instead of settling for nothing or pennies on the dollar.

Once the old debt is settled, you might even be able to start off with a clean slate and can lead to a stronger relationship and great future business done on a full cash basis. What a great way to build a strong relationship with your customer that is just experiencing a temporary cash flow problem!

Try it and you’ll like it!

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