ITEX Barter Exchange
How a ITEX Barter Exchange Works

How A Barter Exchange Works

An ITEX trade exchange allows you to buy and sell (barter) products & services using ITEX Dollars, instead of cash dollars!

How do I spend my Barter Trade Dollars
Most businesses have excess product or services they can sell. For example, if you are a media company you might have ads or air time you can sell. Or a restaurant owner might not be able to keep the restaurant full every meal.

By joining an ITEX trade exchange you can attract 'trade member' customers to your business with barter. When you have ITEX dollars (how we keep track of barter availability) you in turn can purchase items or services with your earned barter.

How do I spend my Barter Trade Dollars

It is a common misconception is that you have to trade or barter whatever you have for some-thing in particular you want.

And if the seller doesn't have exactly what you're looking for it doesn't work?

A Barter or Trade Exchange solves that problem!
When you sell your product or service to another ITEX member you get 'trade dollars' in return. In our case, ITEX Dollars. These go into your trade bank account. You can then spend your ITEX Dollars on whatever you want!


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