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Bartering Toolbox #10

Disputing a Transaction
ITEX Houston Barter Exchange

“You didn’t do what you said you would!” “Yes I did!” “No you didn’t! I’m %/#@$&!”

Have you ever had this conversation? Have you been concerned about the delivery, quality of service or authorization for an ITEX transaction? What happens when an ITEX deal goes bad?

ITEX has a process to help you work through these challenges. Always remember that ITEX transactions should be documented just like cash transactions. Have a signed contract when possible and get an ITEX Check when services are delivered. Know exactly what you’re selling and buying.

General Rules as a Buyer or Seller for Handling Disputes

1. First, try to work out the issue directly with the other ITEX Member.

2. If you can’t resolve the issue directly contact your ITEX Trade Director for help. 3.And finally, if all else fails, you can file a Transaction Dispute with ITEX Corporation:
a.When a transaction is not fulfilled or is unauthorized you can file a transaction dispute through ITEX. Disputes are accepted up to 180 days after the posting.
b.Filing a dispute requires an account signer to complete a Transaction Dispute form and submit to ITEX through your Franchisee.
c.If the dispute can’t be resolved with the help of ITEX, and typically “quality issues” will not be decided, only unauthorized or non-delivery issues, the buyer has the same recourse with the seller as though the transaction were done in cash.

Most issues are resolved between the buyer and the seller directly. (It’s amazing what two parties can work through if they want to!) When this doesn’t work, the ITEX Dispute process provides for an additional layer of protection for both the buyer and the seller. We’re not “Angie’s List”, (although your Trade Director can provide some insight to the vendor), nor are we attorneys to sort out legal matters of payments, (although we have some attorneys if you need one), we’re not the resolving party so we can’t move funds without the approval of buyers and sellers. (Although sometimes we’d like to).

Bottom line – same as the cash world - be aware of your transactions and clearly document what is expected of both parties. NOTE: ITEX processes approximately 325,000 transactions a year. Less than 1% of these are disputed and 90% of those disputes are worked out between the buyer and the seller. I’ll take those odds.


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